Why Hire Us..... 15 reasons

Not just any day, your wedding day. Where time is chaotic, Special people abound, a chosen place, hand-selected dress. Laughter, nervousness, the thoughts... the Looks, That smile.
That moment.....
We love these kind of days.

#1 A moment in Time

Details are the foundation to the day. They provide the context around your day. Shoes, gorgeous bouquets, fabulous colors....

#2 We like the Details

The Big day. It is an event, a milestone in our lives. What makes us human and who we are.... is how we move through these moments.
There are essential slices of vulnerability. Moments that we connect. Moments that are a joy to revisit when days past.

#3 Respect the day. Love

We are constantly looking to see your wedding in unique and interesting view points.

#4 Fearless

Big Weddings to Small weddings. Cultural weddings, indoor to outdoor ceremony, from sunshine to the rainy day........We have seen it.
What matters is you being you. We will handle the time lines and getting through the day. You just enjoy the experience.

#5 Been There - Done That

Give us digital shout... a text or an e-mail. You have questions. Yes ma'am, we have answers. or... well guidance.
With 10 Years of Shooting weddings.... you see a thing or two.

#6 We are Here.

We have been fortunate to capture weddings in Texas (DFW, Austin and Houston), Oklahoma, Memphis TN, Arkansas, Lancaster NY, Aspen CO and 2 in Taiwan.

#7 Do we travel? Why Yes, yes we do.

We see two people willing to say vows, declaring their love to each other.......
Nothing else matters.

#8 We photography people in Love

We live here in the Big "D". We enjoy the culture, sights and sounds Dallas/Fort Worth has to offer.

#9 The Big "D" is home.

You should be waiting for your tax returns, not your photographs from your wedding. We aim to deliver all wedding images within 3 months of you saying "I do".

#10 Waiting.... Waiting ...... Waiting

We don't have time to submit images to on-line magazines. While it is nice to be recognized, we would rather see your joy in your images. This is what feeds our passion.... gives us energy.

#11 Our fame is in your Smile

We feel photographers and video team can both capture your wedding.
We have been working with video-ographers from day one.
Lets not forget the other artist with food, cake, decor and music.

#12 We Play well with others...

We control the entire creative process.
While covering your special day is the most visible activity we perform. The editing of every image...from cropping to WB-color correction.... to the design and layout of albums .... are all done here.
With a cup of coffee too. Colombian.

#13 All under One roof.

Philosophy: we are part of the show, we are not the show.
Meaning: we will interject ourselves when we need to.... leading group photo sessions, setting up portrait images.....
Otherwise we will blend in and be apart of the family.
We like to find the fun-crazy-zany parts of the day.......
To see this... it has to be unscripted. Like in life.

#14 You are the show.....

Be kind, have fun, be yourself.....

#15 Motto: